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What is industrial HEMP, also know as iHEMP?

Hemp is the common name for plants of the entire genus Cannabis. iHemp is the type of hemp cultivated for industrial, non drug, use, and it’s name means industrial hemp. As the headline indicates we are here talking about Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial use.

It contain less than 0.3% of the psychoactive component Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). Industrial hemp is technically from the same species of plant that psychoactive marijuana comes from – Cannabis Sativa L.

However, it is from a different variety, or subspecies that contains many important differences, and some of them we are going to present in the text bellow.

Differences Between Industrial Hemp (Sativa) and Marijuana (Indica)

Hemp | Livlong Health Hemp


  • Energy

  • Stimulating

  • Head high

  • Cerebral

  • Uplifting

  • Creativity

  • Focus

  • Fight depression

  • Hemp commonly refers to the industrial/commercial use of the cannabis stalk and seed for textiles, foods, papers, body care products, detergents, plastics and building materials.

  • Industrial hemp contains only about 0.3% – 1.5% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinoids, the intoxicating ingredients that make you high). Marijuana contains about 5% – 10% or more THC.

  • Industrial hemp grows differently than THC-containing cannabis.

  • However, since industrial hemp does not contain these buds, and the hardy parts of the plant are the more desired, it can be grown in a wider range of areas.

Hemp | Livlong Health Hemp


  • Couch-lock

  • Chilling

  • Appetite

  • Body high

  • Deep relaxation

  • Sleep aid

  • Pain + Nausea relief

  • Stress + Anxiety relief

  • The term ‘marijuana’ refers to the medicinal, recreational or spiritual use involving the smoking of cannabis flowers.

  • Cannabis sativa sativa (industrial hemp variety) has a much stronger fiber. Marijuana fiber has a low tensile strength and will break or shred easily, making it a poor fibrous plant when compared to industrial hemp.

  • THC-producing marijuana plants grow to an average of five feet in height. Industrial hemp on the other hand grows to a height of ten to fifteen feet before harvest.

  • THC-producing Marijuana must be grown in generally warm and humid environments in order to produce the desired quantity and quality of THC-containing buds.

Hemp is cultivated because of its products; one is fibre and the other one are seeds. iHemp fibers have many uses, including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction and fuel. Did you know that Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, created a plastic car in 1941 which ran on hemp and other plant-based fuels, and whose

fenders were made of hemp and other materials. Ford had a plan to “grow automobiles from the soil.” (Note: a company in France is experimenting with a similar vehicle in current day.)
We in LLHH are focused on hemp seeds, and here we are going to present the benefits and the usage of the industrial hemps seed.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing and one of the earliest domesticated plants known.

It also runs parallel with the “Green Future” objectives that are becoming increasingly popular.


As we have mentioned it before, the main ingredient that we in LLHH, are focused on are the seeds of iHemp. Just like hemp fibers the seeds usage has various benefits. Unlike the benefits od iHemp fiber, the seeds benefits are oriented towards human health.

It was not us, the civilisation of 21st century, that discovered the multiple benefits of hemp seeds. These benefits were very well known by various cultures trough history of human civilisation. The seeds have been used for thousands of years by various cultures as a traditional medicine and dietary supplement because the effects were so clearly positive.

We can say that the industrial hemp will unleash a second agricultural revolution. One where hemp produces more taxable revenue while feeding the world, freeing us from fossil fuels, reversing climate change and restoring our planet’s depleted soils.

Hemp seeds are an underrated yet valuable food source with a wide variety of health benefits. Including their ability to improve heart health, stimulate good digestion, build muscle mass, eliminate insomnia, treat anemia, aid in weight loss, stimulate metabolic activity, build muscle mass, prevent various cancers, improve the immune system, reduces symptoms of menopause and menstruation, boost skin and hair health, build strong bones, and balance the hormonal levels in the body.

The elements that make it so useful are mainly its chemical components, nutrients, and minerals. These include high levels of Zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and fiber. Also, hemp seed contains 21 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Furthermore, it is composed of a large number of edible oils and a variety of essential fats in the body, including a rare form of omega-6 called GLA (gamma linoleic acid).

On the other hand, the hemp seed oil is the world’s most nutritionally complete single food source. Mainly because the crop thrives without pesticides and fertilisers, and it has the potential to replace drilling, logging, mining, monoculture corn farming, and countless other environmentally destructive industries.

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